Love productivity tools? Here's one that actually works: music for honing your focus, brought to you by neuroscience and your preferences.

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Reboot: Physical Cleanse

Clean from the inside out. Feel better with our Blank Slate colon cleanse detox. Happy side effects: master your body and jumpstart your metabolism.

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Brain Detox

In a world of limitless distractions and limited time, how do you rest, rejuvenate, and effectively train your brain to function optimally and do what you need to do?

Brain Boost

Tasty Green Drinks

An addiction you won't feel guilty about.

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Green Smoothies

The Beauty of the Everyday Cleanse

What is the first action we should take if we have constipation? Relax.

Most instances of constipation will pass on their own -- the body can handle what it needs to handle, when given the environment it needs to function properly.

The connection between food and beauty is incredibly strong -- by changing the foods you eat and the lotions you ingest through your skin, you can radically transform the way you look and feel and behave.

At this site, you'll get a solid grounding in how to clear out from your body and mind all the junk and toxicity -- the clogging stuff that blocks your free-flowing energy and vitality -- and begin to eat truly powerful foods in a strategic way that will reveal the natural beauty and strength of your being.

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